What is it like to connect with the guides in the Akashic Records?

The term “Akasac” has roots in the Sanskrit “Akasha”, meaning ether, heaven, or “atmosphere”.

It is believed that Akashic records exist in ether — on a non-physical plane of existence, known as the mind plane in the 11th dimension. The Akashic Records are like energetic ledgers, the ‘Google Search’ for your soul. And within them are recorded all things that ever existed or occurred, the lives of individuals, but also a record of all the universal events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intentions ever created in the past, present, or future, from the perspective of all entities and life forms.

Basically, when you read your records, or that of another, you are connecting to that persons soul. Connecting to one in a deeply personal, private, way, a way that spans a persons entire life and all their past lives too. Anybody and everybody has access to these.

With the correct training and by preparing your body to recieve the very high vibrational information, you will be able to open the records yourself. 

When working with the Akashic Records, you are looking at the birds-eye view of any situation, the location, a collective, or specific spirit. It is like having your personal library, with all of the separate books divided up by particular lives and particular categories.

When you open a records, you can experience information in  images, colors, or words. You may hear sounds or music as well. Often, I will see an accidental object symbolizing something larger, or metaphors of concepts that might need a little thought before fully understanding them.

Before you go forth into exploring this modality, I highly recommend that you connect with the energy of light first. You could invoke archangel Michael to release any fears or doubts that you are holding on to.

I always start with a 5 minute grounding and activating meditation and breathing work before we go in.

Accessing your akashic records can be difficult if your body mind and soul are not prepared and ready to recieve the very high vibrational information coming in from the 11th dimension. 

If you would like to prepare yourself to receive the information then activating your Merkaba will assisty you with this process. 

 When you are in the records,…what do you do?.

Simply put, you will become a conduit, for information. Be ready to take dictation, have a journal ready that you use only for this modality and write the date at the top of the page, followed by your question for the Record Keeprs and Guides and then ask the question out loud… You may receive information in a way that seems like telepathy, you may hear the words, sounds or see images. Write these down. Capture the images on paper. 

Think of searching your akashic records like doing a Google search for your soul. What are you looking for?.
Where are you in need of direction?.

Do not hesitate to be specific, ask about the fears or worries that you are facing. Perhaps gain clarity and answers on a medical condition or illness in which you are seeking healing. Ask about past lives, about people and soul contracts you hold in this life, what creative projects you should be playing in next. Go as deep as you like.

Many folks in the spiritual community are fascinated by their past lives. Past lives are important, but they may not be the entire focus or the purpose of this present life that you are living.
You might feel called back in a specific time frame, and ask to receive recorded information about a life back then, but you are only receiving the information that is meaningful for you in this life, this body, this specific moment. 

The Akashic records reveal only what you need to know in this moment, in order to support you on the path you are going through. If you get a little insight into your future in this life, then you ask some follow-up questions on a particular one, but do not receive more, it is fine. Trust that what you are receiving is what you are meant to receive.


Sometimes, we aren’t meant to have all the answers at once. 

So, when reading the history of another persons soul, you need to first get their permission. You cannot even open a record of someone who is under 18 as they must be able to fully consent. 

I understand that many parents might wish to learn more information about their childrens souls and past lives, but consider this: It is unfair to intrude on your childrens soul journeys when they might not be able to fully understand or comprehend the concept of what a record is. Wait until they are older to ask for access.

Once the necessary information is obtained, the records must be closed. Say the closing prayer to close them. 

It is very disrespectful to keep the records open permanently. If you abuse the information or do not follow the correct protocols then you can be banned from the records, in which case you will find you are unable to access them. 

Often, this whole experience, all of the insight gained, feels like one long, hazy dream. You can get a lot of visual information in a short period of time, so I strongly suggest keeping a journal specifically for your experience with Akashic Records.

Be sure to note down the dates as well. Over time, revisit them periodically, and you might notice an awesome story playing out in your Soul Journeys information. 

Remember that when you open the records,  you can expect to see images, sounds, colors, film clips. Or, you might get nothing at all. There is no thought; the information just comes.

I personally receive all the different forms of communication known, I receive downloads of informationo in paragraph format, I receive visuals, feelings in my body, sometimes sounds and even smells too.. I frequently receive a hot sensation on  different parts of my body and occasionally, a chill. 

You have complete access to learn and understand everything (absolutely everything) you are curious about to do with your own soul. 

If you are not getting any messages when reading your akashic records, and you have followed the correct protocols to get into the records and close them appropriately. Then there may be something else going on. Check to see if you have any low vibrational entities around you. They can prevent you from getting clear messages. Also consider letting go of your fears and doubts, and trust everything you are given. 

If you suspect that you have an entity around you, you can check with your higher self 

I suggest that you do not over think the messages that you receive. Just sit back, be present, and let the guides bring forward the beautiful messages to you.  Every little, simple, seemingly unimportant thing that you receive is a message.
It works in sync with your internal voice. You know more than you ever thought. Over time, continue to open your journal and continue to record your information.

In your own life, connect often to your intuitive senses (through journaling, drawing, talking, or just a generally energetic gut feel). The more you build a closer relationship with your inner voice, the easier messages come to you. 

Can You Experience Negative Energy in Akashic Records?.
No, energies in the Akashic records are healing, meditative, and uplifting. 

The Akashic Records are a place of love at all times, a place to reconnect to the joyous, soulful essence of your highest light.

I also recommend releasing unconscious anxieties, fears, and doing Shadow Work via EFT tapping, neuro-reprogramming, hypnosis, karma clearing or breathing.

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