Learn to read the Akashic Records

Learn to read the Akashic Records and become an Akashic Records Reader with our 8 – part Akasic Record Training Programme £3595   Now just £2595

We start the program from the ground up… working through your karma or blocks, creating a powerful connection with your higher self and ensuring that you are completely ready to receive the wonderful life-changing information from the record keepers and guides. 

Special Offer £2595… Was  £3595

Align with your highest potential

Discover your life purpose

Why learn to read the Akashic Records?

  • By raising your vibration you will start to become an energetic match to the people, places and things you know you deserve to connect to.
  • We start you from the ground up, preparing your body mind and soul to receive the very high vibrational messages coming in from the Akashic records.
  • Remember who you are at a soul level.
  • Discover your life and business purpose.
  • Share your unique gifts with the world.
  • Channel the beautiful messages from the Record keepers and guides in the 11th dimension Channel the truth and knowledge that lives within these records. 
  • Illuminate your life path, bringing forth peace, relief, and harmony for yourself and others. 
  • Learn about the guides and how they bring forward important information in a calm, gentle, peaceful, and loving manner.
  • Find answers for your deepest questions.
  • Step by step help from the guides to assist you with your entire life.
  • Discover why you repeat the same patterns in this life time.
  • Start your journey of evolution and inspiration.

Lifetime Access to the course content

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The Akashic Record Training programme Includes:

  • Live workshops online via zoom – 2 hrs per week with Katherine Tack
  • Access the course content from your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • A private What’s App group to share your experiences (not compulsory). Join the community and find a safe place to practice all you have learned
  • An opportunity to join the team of Akashic Record Readers on our website 
  • Lifetime access to all the course content. Join future workshops if you feel you need a refresher. (We sometimes have group workshops and sometimes they are private one-2-one training with Katherine Tack)

It takes time for your body, mind and soul to be aligned
and ready to receive the high vibrational information that comes from
the Akashic Record Keepers and Guides.
The eight week course gives you the necessary time needed to
properly prepare to make the leap from 3rd dimension to 11th dimension. 

Course Content

Part one – Axis Practice & Higherself Connection.
Part Two – Merkaba Activation Level 1
Part Three – Abundance Magic Book & Card System Level 1
Part Four – Merkaba Activation Level 2

Part Five – Working with your Dragon
Part Six – An Akashic Record Reading by Katherine Tack
Part Seven – Accessing the Akashic Records for yourself
Part Eight – Accessing the Akashic Records for others

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