Akashic Records Reading buy as a Gift


An Akashic Records Reading is the perfect gift for a loved one or friend.
An Akashic Records reading with Katherine can provide them with deep answers to their biggest questions!
What type of questions could they ask?

  • What is my life purpose?
  • Why am I struggling with this difficult problem, health issue, or money block?
  • If I make this major change in my life, will it be the right choice?
  • Should I move home?
  • How can I attract better circumstances and outcomes into my life?
  • In what way are my past lives affecting my current life?
  • Do I have the right people in place for my business?
  • Who are my Spirit Guides?

Serena ★★★★★

“Just wow. Katherine is an amazing Akashic Records Reader and insightful soul. She provided such clarity, and care and knowledge to my reading, which guided me through a really tough time. I searched her out, as I was going through a lot of heartbreak and within the 1-hour session, I felt lighter, and more at peace with it all. What a ray of golden light she is! All of her tools and resources are just phenomenal, I cannot wait to work with her again, and access the akashic records with her. You will find her at the perfect time for you! Highly Recommend!”

Jen ★★★★★

“Prior to meeting Katherine, I knew little about the Akashic Records. I’d recently met my Twin Flame and we had all these burning questions to ask about our newfound connection (like what we were supposed to do now that we’d found each other) 🙂
Our search online led us to consider an Akashic Record Reading to help us navigate our Twin Flame connection further, which was when we found Katherine and wow, WHAT A READING!
Hands up, I and my Twin had NO IDEA what to expect (it is our first time having our records read) but with the warm and friendly energy, Katherine provided, we uncovered some amazing insights!
A wonderful experience led by a truly inspiring soul. Thank you SO MUCH!
I and my Twin Flame are definitely on the right path and we would highly recommend Katherine’s services :)”


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