Karma Clearing Guided Meditation

Release the blocks and meet your personal dragon.

Past life karma can block us from achieving all that we need to achieve in this life time...

You are meant to live a life of ease and purpose, you are not meant to suffer, you are meant to overcome that which holds you back...

When you take the time to release karmic blocks you free yourself from outdated fears, phobias, anxieties and sometimes anger and rage that prevent you from finding your true life path. They prevent you from living your best life. 

This meditation was brought forward by the Akashic Record Keepers and guides to assist you with removing karma and ancestral blocks that are standing in your way. 

Many individuals who come to me for an Akashic Record Reading benefit greatly from this release. 

Remember to continue clearing Karma every 4 weeks, 7 times in totoal.  Many individuals report having the best night sleep in ages. Overnight it is possible to experience difficult emotions or images as your past lives make themselves known one last time before leaving you forever. Remember to let go of any emotions or images that crop up. Demand that they leave you immediately. Now is not the time to hold onto the past, now is the time to clear that which no longer serves you, out of your vibration and out of your life for good!

Higher self connection workshop

Check with your 'higher self' if your karma is cleared

It is important to check in with your higher self and ask if the karma has all been cleared or if you need to repeat the process again in the future. 

Clearing karma is like pealing layers off of an onion, each time you listen to the guided meditation you are peeling another layer of karma away from you. 

what to do if you receive no symbol from your higher self? (this can happen to those who’s ego is quite strong) then you may have to choose a symbol and teach it to your ‘Higher Self’. Example: pick a rose for ‘yes’ and a stone for ‘no’ and an empty circle for ‘neutral’. Or the sound of a horn for ‘no’, bell for ‘yes’ and tambourine for ‘neutral’. Whatever symbol you would like, you are in charge, and tell your higher self these are the symbols you would like to use 

The NEW story of you.

Once you have cleared the karma by listening to the guided meditation, it is important that you then write down a new story for yourself. Once you have removed all of that low vibrational energy, you may feel a lot lighter and brighter. In order to ensure that the layer of karma is permanently cleared away, it is imperative that you take inspired action and write down your new story. 

Write down the new story in the present tense as though you have already acheived everything you wish to acheive in this life time. Write down the new story in a conversation style as though you have met someone for the first time and they have asked you ‘what is your life like?

You can write down how magical your life is, how you are always at the right place at the right time and how everything works out perfectly perfect for you. And that you are fulfilled in every area of your life. 




Be as specific as you can, write down everything you want, as though you have a magic wand in your hand and everytihng you wish for or everything you can imagine is possible. You can write one paragraph or ten chapters… And revisit your NEW story each time you listen to the guided meditation. Make minor adjustments or add new hopes and dreams… 


Remember that if these desires are aligned with your higher purpose then its much easier for your Guides to breathe life into them, its much easier for your subconsious mind to assist you in bringing them into reality. 

Your wishes that match your base desires are more difficult to achieve. Have a good long think about how you can contribute to the world, when you align your goals with your higher purpose it is much easier for them to become a reality. 

A free flow of information grows as you get stronger

    Every time you listen to the guided meditation you raise your vibration… when you raise your vibration you become a better match to nicer people, better circumstances and abundance flows easily to you…


So what are you waiting for…


Be patient, this is really important work.

Meet your Personal Dragon.

Each of us has the potential to meet and work with a dedicated dragon. We may view our dragon as a fire breathing flying mystical creature, or you may think of your dragon as a most evolved being of light that can take any shape or form it chooses. 


It is important to find the name of your dragon in order to work with him or her in an effective way. 


During your meditation feel into your dragon’s energy, ask your dragon for their name, the very first name that pops into your mind is the correct one. Try not to second guess yourself. 


Ask your dragon to assist you on all physical journeys by helping with traffic jams, delayed flights or trains, and even help finding the place you are looking for. 



The second way to work with your dragon is to surrender a problem to them, the problem should be a problem that you have struggled with for about 3 years and no matter how hard you try you cannot seem to shift out of the pattern or issue. 

Surrender this problem to your dragon every day for 3 days, and on the fourth or fifth day you may notice a change in circumstances regarding this issue, you may feel or sense that something magical has happened and the heaviness of the situation has shifted. At this point you will understand that your dragon has done 3/4 of the work for you and you only need to do a 1/4 of the work as you catch up with your dragon and move forward.  


Find a way to record the changes and the journey that you are on together, write down how much easier you find yourself working through this problem and record your progress. 

Thank your dragon often, as you would a human friend. 

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