Higher Self Workshop

Create a lifetime connection with your 'Higher Self'

Your higher self practice is

where your spiritual journey should start...

The reason this is such important work is that your higher self is like a periscope. If you imagine for a minute that you are a submarine (your ocean is the whole of planet earth where you live your everyday life) your ‘Higher Self’ is the periscope that has a direct connection to Source. Your ‘Higher Self’ knows everything about you, it knows about all your past lives, it also knows what your soul was doing between lives, it knows what soul journey you are on and what decisions you should make in order for your personal soul transformation, growth and even how to live your most magical life on earth.

Your ‘Higher Self’ also has direct communication with ‘Source’ (the universe, God, the sun behind the sun, the great divine director) whatever you want to call our place of origin, that is where your ‘Higher Self’ hangs out.

Your ‘Higher Self’ is the part of you that is fully aware of you and fully aware of the bigger picture, the divine plan for you. Your ‘Higher Self’ also knows the future and more importantly the immediate future. So you can consult your ‘Higher Self’ to get minute by minute information that can save you a whole lot of time, trouble and pain thereby ensuring you start living a magically transformed life.you 

Before you begin, pick up your diary, or open your calendar on your computer and find the 45th day from today and place the word CONGRATULATIONS! in big bold writing on that day. After 45 days yoru ‘Higher self practice’ is complete.

Connecting with your ‘Higher Self’

Connecting with your higher self is more about remembering. You have done this before in past lives. Find a quiet space and make sure you have some uninterrupted time. Now simply ask your ‘Higher Self’ to show you the symbol for the word ‘yes’.

….wait a moment and witness what comes forward. 




Don’t just ask the question without first preempting who the question is for. Something or someone else could answer… so make sure you first say: ‘Higher Self’, show me the symbol for ‘YES’. then after you receive your answer say: ‘Higher Self’ show me the symbol for ‘NO’. Then ‘Higher Self’ show me the symbol for ‘NEUTRAL’. 

Higher self connection workshop

Always address your 'higher self' before asking a question

If you are a visual person you will receive an image in your mind’s eye. If you are kinetic in your everyday experience then you should receive a feeling, some of you are auditory by nature and may hear something, a chiming bell or similar. If you are more physical then perhaps an ear itch or nose itch or heat over a particular part of your body. It could even be a smell.
Be patient with your higher self. This is really important work.

what to do if you receive no symbol from your higher self? (this can happen to those who’s ego is quite strong) then you may have to choose a symbol and teach it to your ‘Higher Self’. Example: pick a rose for ‘yes’ and a stone for ‘no’ and an empty circle for ‘neutral’. Or the sound of a horn for ‘no’, bell for ‘yes’ and tambourine for ‘neutral’. Whatever symbol you would like, you are in charge, and tell your higher self these are the symbols you would like to use 

Your higher self is Pro-active


Your ego will give you accurate information, to protect your body, but can be heavily influenced by your surroundings including people you spend time with. It is concerned with your immediate circumstances. The information is accurate to a point… and let’s face it, your ego got you to this point in your life, so you have come to trust and rely on your lower self. But it does have a limited database.

To demonstrate the difference here is an example: If you were on your way to a specific destination and on that journey another vehicle swerved into your path, your lower self (ego) would react without hesitation to move you out of the path of the oncoming vehicle. It is ego-based and will do it’s best to save you from death or injury. However, your ‘Higher Self’ would have told you to take a completely different route in the first place. 

Your ego is keeping track of all the past traumas you experience and will influence you to stay away from certain situations. This can be childlike behaviour and may cause you to waste years of your life avoiding important growth and transformation situations.



Remember to be as specific as possible.

An example of not being specific… Schoolgirl error:
I  placed an order with a large department store. I asked my higher self if my items were ready for collection. I got a resounding YES!, …great, I hopped in my car and headed over to the store to collect. I had to drive for 20 mins and then stand in a queue for a lengthy period. Only to be told when I reached the collection point that they could not find my order.

I was surprised because I had trusted my ‘Higher Self’ who has never let me down. When I got home I checked my emails and the store had sent me a message saying that I had missed my collection slot and I would have to try another day. (how rude!) I thought. And then realised I hadn’t been very specific about the questions to my higher self… rookie mistake!

‘Yes’, the order was ready for collection, which was confirmed by the email I received when I got home, but the better question to ask my ‘Higher Self’ would have been… ‘Higher Self’ should I go and collect my order now?
To that, I would have received a resounding ‘NO’… because the store was overwhelmed with orders and they were not coping with getting the goods out on time. I would have saved myself some time and a journey.

Keep it simple and playful...

This practice should be very simple and easy, the simpler the better because you will need to call on your ‘Higher Self’ to make loads of decisions and the answers need to come quickly.

Now over the next 45 days ask your ‘Higher Self’ simple questions. Remember you are forming a trusted connection with your ‘Higher Self’ and this will take a bit of time. Ask questions that you don’t really need the answer for.

If the question is too important then the connection will become overloaded and could result in confusion. Keep it simple. 

Trust the process, trust your self and trust your ‘Higher Self’.

I’m convinced I am the most impatient person on the planet but even I took the time to do this exercise properly. I’ve also realised lately that I would have met my soul mate much sooner if I had had a better connection with my ‘Higher Self’.

My lower self (EGO) kept me ‘safe’ for many years, but only when I started speaking to my higher self, and trusting the answers, was I able to set myself on the right track to face my fears and grow and transform… and then the magic really started to happen.


Receive the bounty of information available to you


Remember that due to ‘free will’ and the higher cosmic laws your ‘Higher Self’ is not allowed to intervene with your decisions. It is only through creating a connection and asking for help that you will receive the bounty of wonderful knowledge available to you.

The exciting thing about opening the connection with your higher self is that when your connection is reliable (after 45 days) you may be guided to some enjoyable and much needed new information, lesson or workshop. Just like a teacher may give their students some extra information when they feel the student is ready, your higher self may start to provide you with wonderful gifts of knowledge.

This free flow of information grows as your connection to your ‘Higher Self’ grows. If you are serious about developing a connection that is foolproof, then you will need to practice.



Never, the simple answer is: never ignore the answers from your higher self. Of course, you can ignore them and nothing will happen, except you will probably be sorry that you did.


There may be a time during your 45 days when an important question cannot wait. For example, you might have two offers for a new job and you can ask yourself which one to take… or two homes come up for purchase or rent and you need to know which one will be best. By all means, ask the question, but do also trust your gut instinct and also use a pro’s and con’s list or some other form of confirming that the decision you receive.


It is important to keep your focus on your ‘Higher Self’ connection and using other forms of divination may muddy the waters.
You can however use other forms of divination on your CLIENTS during the 45 days. If you currently use pendulums for your clients then do continue. It’s only for your own higher self-connection that you should stay the course.

PART 2. Taking it to the next level. 

Once you have completed the 45 days then you may be ready to take things to the next level by activating your Merkaba.

A free flow of information grows as you get stronger

Types of questions to ask your ‘Higher Self’ during your 45-day practice:

  • Higher Self, is it in my greatest and best good to take an umbrella with me today?
  • Higher Self, is it in my greatest and best good to wear the blue shirt …or the red shirt?
  • Higher Self, is it in my greatest and best good to stop at the grocery store on my way home?
  • Higher Self, is it in my greatest and best good to I meet ……….(insert friends name)  friend for lunch today?
  • Higher Self, is it in my greatest and best good to take this route home today?
  • Higher Self, is it in my greatest and best good to purchase this recipe book?
  • Higher Self, is it in my greatest and best good to try this new shampoo?
  • Higher Self, is it in my greatest and best good to walk on the left-hand side of the road today?
  • Higher Self, will my favourite restaurant ……….. (insert name of the restaurant) be open this evening?
  • Higher Self, is it in my greatest and best good to order avocado on toast for breakfast this morning?
  • Higher Self, is it in my greatest and best good to quit drinking coffee?

These all seem incredibly mundane but the answers will help build up a rapport with your ‘Higher Self’ and you need this time to make sure you get a strong connection.

What to do if you have not been able to make a higher-self connection:

If you simply cannot get a connection with your higher self, then contact me and we can do a one to one session or a workshop to assist with this connection. It is such an important connection, and well worth the effort to build.
£85 for a one to one session. 

Email me and we will put a date in the diary high5@abundance-magic.co.uk

Do feel free to contact me with any questions during your 45-day training… high5@abundance-magic.co.uk

Be patient, this is really important work.

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