Dissolving your soul contracts

Why is this work so important?

There are many types of contracts that we make with others, and some may have come from a previous life. 

In our daily lives, we are constantly making agreements with people. Some of these are simple physical agreements like a luncheon date or a cosmic coffee. Or even a contract with your housemates or a partner, example: if one of you does the dishes the other will hang up the washing. etc. When the activity is completed, the contract is over, it dissipates.

However, there are many types of contracts that you can make with others that are totally unconscious or subconscious decisions. And many too that come from a previous lifetime.

Contracts that come from previous life times are called ‘Soul Contracts’.  

If you have lived a previous life as a slave or in servitude to another you may have some of that energy stuck to you and it may be holding you back. 

Because of this stuck energy, you may be making decisions based on a ‘fear of lack’, a fear that you are not good enough, you may have chosen parents in this lifetime or a partner in this life that holds a mirror up to you constantly reminding you that you are unworthy.

You may have heard that ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’. or money comes in one hand and it goes out the other… over and over again these words and ideas are bestowed on you by your nearest and dearest. They may not even know that they are doing this to you.

They may have their own contracts that bind them to this behaviour. We have the amazing opportunity to release contracts that we were born with. Contracts that no longer serve us.

By clearing away these contracts, we open ourselves up to the magic of new possibilities. We can start to accomplish goals that have evaded us for some time.  


You can release the power that these have over you and you can start a new life, a life centred in positivity, in abundance and prosperity. A happy and magical life, the life you know intrinsically that you deserve.

Below are the guided meditations that can help you unhook from these outdated concepts and help you step into your new magical life.

It is recommended that you ask your higher self how frequently you should listen to this meditation. If you have not had any practise working with your higher self then listen to it twice a day for 2 weeks. That is the minimum requirement to help your subconscious mind to understand how important this work is for you. The transformation will start to take place almost immediately. You should start to see little gifts from the angels, you should also start to receive little messages here and there… keep an eye out and be open-minded.

Sometimes the angels will speak to you through a friend that offers a kind word, sometimes they will make you notice an advert on a shop window or you will find your self scrolling through the web pages of a local contractor that can help you with a project. And indeed sometimes they show up in your dreams and you wake refreshed and know exactly what you need to do next.

Take loving small steps towards the magical light, be kind to yourself and remember to always ask the angels for help. They are there to serve you and ask only that you serve them in return. It is their job to help you and they are delighted when you start your journey of transformation on a soul level. 

I too, wish you every happiness and joy, I wish you years and years of heaven on earth for you and those you love.

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Guided Meditations to help you dissolve your soul contracts

Dissolve your Fear contract - a guided meditation
Dissolve your poverty contract, a guided meditation
Dissolve your Anger contract - a guided meditation
Dissolve your Soul contracts, fear, anger & poverty - guided meditation

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FEAR / ANXIETY Contract £15


Dissolve your
LACK / POVERTY Contract £15

Dissolve your
ANGER / RAGE Contract £15

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