Soul vs Higher Self

The difference between the soul and the higher self.

I was asked recently if the two are not one and the same?
I was about to answer this question myself, however, I thought it pertinent to check with the Akashic Record Keepers and guides to hear what they have to say on the subject:


Record keepers and guides what is the difference between the soul and the higher self?


Dear one, the soul is that initial part of you, a piece of the Creator (God) that has been sent out to discover and report back to the ONE (God/Creator). Although some of you might feel disconnected from the Creator from time to time, in your human form, you are very much a part of Him and come from Him.



That is why you feel so good when you behave in a ‘God Like’ manner. When you bring heaven to earth by giving and sharing love, you raise your own vibration and raise the vibration of those around you …Because that is who you are at a soul level. When you recognise God inside of yourself you feel epic. Because you are epic.


When your soul chooses a human body to inhabit, part of your soul stays in heaven with the Creator. When your soul enters your human body, it is connected to your ‘Heaven soul’ via an attachment called the higher self. The higher self acts like a funnel for information to flow from heaven to you on earth.



Your higher self can converse with you when you request information, however, by universal law it is not allowed to intervene without you first requesting assistance or granting permission. It sends information but you can choose to ignore it. 










The higher self is with you during all your incarnations and with you between incarnations. It knows everything about you and your mission and purpose for this lifetime.


The part of your soul inside your human body also creates a connection with the the ego, the subconscious mind, physical body, physical mind, the emotional body and the inner child of the body you inhabit. When all parts are working together, there is harmony, and you will thrive, even in this dense and heavy atmosphere of the earth dimension.



To confirm: the part of the soul that remains in heaven with God, the Creator receives information from the higher self and sends information back to you via the higher self.



The soul is made up of many different parts, just as a human body is made up of many different parts, each having their reason for being.

You could also consider your higher self to be a bit like your inner child. You can ignore both but at a cost. When we ignore parts of ourselves and listen instead to the instruction or direction of others we become disconnected from our true life purpose and this usually results in lowering our vibration which ultimately attracts the wrong people, events and circumstances.



It should also be said that it is possible for a soul to split and enter into more than one human body at a similar time. The reason for this is to gather more data in a faster time frame. Sometimes your split soul is inhabiting a human body that is geographically close to you. You can have similar physical information; you may be living in the same region of a country, or you may have the same name, or you may choose a similar career and have similar interests. You may ‘accidentally’ bump into each other, and you may or may not like each other because you have come forward with very different prime directives.



Thank you record keepers and guides, amen amen, amen.  

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