Our Akashic Record Readers

Katherine an Akashic records guide

Katherine Tack

Akashic Record Reader

Founder of the ARRUK Community, International author and Guide, Katherine is an experienced Akashic Record reader and guide and can assist with past life and ancestral karma clearing.

Moira an Akashic records reader

Moira Camino

Akashic Record Reader

I have worked as an intuitive healer for over 20 years now, working with Crystals and Multi Dimensional Healing including channelling Guides, Masters, Angels and Archangels.  Because of this, I am able to share a wide range of healing knowledge and skills specific to the person that I give an Akashic Records reading to.

Lara Akashic Records Reader

Lara Nani

Akashic Record Reader

As someone who is dedicated to helping others, Lara brings knowledge of her craft and compassion for those she works with as a Spiritual Healer and Psychic. 

Akashic Records Reader - Oihane

Oihane Donnellan

Akashic Record Reader

I’ve been a natural channelizer since a very young age
Having a deep sense of connection with nature and its symbolism. This connection makes the readings that I share deeply grounded. 

Akashic Records Reader - Eva

Eva Věncek

Akashic Record Reader

Intuitive inspiring spiritual worker practising healing who have been following spiritual path since young age practising deep meditation and contemplation.

Calvin Palguta

Akashic Record Reader

I am able to directly connect with and channel clients’ personal Akashic Records and deliver the truth and knowledge that lives within them”

Serena Tona

Akashic Record Reader

Serena has been a Reiki master and sound healer with tuning forks for over 5 years. She works as a remedial hypnotist using the control system with clients

Marina Paparakou

Akashic Record Reader

I am an Akashic Records reader, intuitive coach and energy healer. With over 20 years of experience in the healing and wellbeing field,

Natasha Martin

Akashic Record Reader

During an Akashic reading, I am able to create an energetic field which
connects you with your higher self, remembering and becoming aware of
your soul’s purpose.

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