Meet the Dragons...

...and create a lifelong connection with your very own 'Personal Dragon'

Dragons have waited eons to connect with us...

Many humans, priests, priestesses, spiritual folk and magicians are waking up to the idea that they can change their thoughts, emotions, responses and circumstances by working with the beautiful dragon energies available to them now.  Many of us carry within our vibration the codes of inner change which brings outward change to the mass consciousness. And as we journey forward releasing our karmic burdens and fears we also release these for the mass consciousness of our planet.   
When we remember the dragon light language, we wake up to an understading of how the earth plane should be, how we should hold a higher consciousness, and bring forth a higher vibration for humanity to move into. 

As we begin our journey with dragons, we feel their intention to breathe light into humanity and the government organisations that are perpetuating the fear and hatred vibration. We feel also their intention to remove suffering. We understand and become aware that dragons intend to work through the spiritual people. The dragons bring in very magical energy that we can harness to make astounding changes to our 3rd dimensional home planet. 


The Dragon portal opened up in 2021

During the lion’s gate portal opening in 2021, the dragon’s portal opened up within this powerful experience and brought forward many dragons for us to connect to. 

Now is the perfect time to connect with your dragon and the other dragon energies available to you. The dragons have called out to humanity and requested that we activate their energies and transformations. 

Dragon houses and families

Different dragon houses

We have categories for the dragons:

Celestial Dragons

Galactic Dragons

Elemental Dragons

Emotional Dragons

Different dragon  families

During this workshop, you will discover the different families and ‘houses’ of dragons. Including:

The abundance dragons, Air dragons, Ascension dragons, Atlantean dragons, Crystalline Dragons, Earth Dragons, Ether Dragons, Fire Dragons, Galactic Dragons, Golden Dragons, Guardian Dragons, Ice Dragons, Lemurian Dragons, Love Dragons, Lunar dragons, Metal Dragons, Rainbow Dragons, Sacred Heart Dragons, Solar Dragons, Violet Flame Dragons, Water Dragons and last but not least the Wealth Dragons

Keep it simple and playful...

Bring a journal to the workshop so that you can capture the magical messages and downloads from each dragon family. 

We will be exploring the unique traits of each of the families, including what they stand for, their specific desire to help human kind and mother earth, as well as their unique qualities and also which crystals they are associated with.  


The meditations bring forward fabulous insights and assist you in seeing the world through different eyes. You will experience an enlightened perspective on your life, new understandings and new concepts will become clear to you illusions will be replaced with divine truths, and you know that your life may never feel the same again.

Receive the bounty of information available to you

The wise dragons remind us that as long as you remain open-hearted and allow only higher thoughts and a positive attitude in your vibration, those old situations and challenges simply cannot come into your life.

You will automatically attract better circumstances into your life

The benefits of connecting with your personal dragon

  • Dragons are coming forward now in order to assist mankind with raising our vibration:


    1. Wisdom and Guidance: Dragons are know for their wisdom and guidance. Connecting with them offers new insights, guidance, and understanding in various aspects of your life.

    2. Protection and Strength: Dragons are often associated with protection and strength. Connecting with them offers a sense of security and empowerment.

    3. Spiritual Growth: Connecting with dragons can aid in spiritual growth and development, helping you to achieve higher levels of consciousness and enlightenment.


    5. Energy Healing: Dragons possess healing energy. Connecting with them facilitates emotional, mental, or even physical healing.


    7. Manifestation: Dragons powerful manifestors. Connecting with them may enhance one’s ability to manifest intentions or dreams.

Enhanced empathy telepathy and communication skills:

To bond with a dragon, a human must learn to communicate with the advanced elemental on a deep level. This requires a high level of empathy and understanding, which can be translated into other areas of their life. Individuals who have bonded with dragons have been shown to have improved communication skills and a greater ability to understand the emotions and perspectives of others. 

Furthermore, bonding with a dragon also brings with it a sense of purpose and responsibility. Dragon initiates are tasked with caring for and protecting the earth plane, as well as raising the vibration of themselves and their fellow humans, which can give them a sense of meaning and fulfilment in their lives. This responsibility can help to instil a sense of discipline and dedication, which can be beneficial in other areas of life as well.

Access the unique abilities of the dragon kingdom

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