What can the Akashic records teach us?

Our understanding of the Akashic Records dates back to the 19th century. The Akashic records are a dynamic repository containing information about the soul on its journey. 

Katherine Tack, a certified Akashic record reader, guide and teacher, shares more information about what the records are, how we can use them to live in accordance with our potential and how we can heal from past traumas.

The Akashic Records, can be viewed as a dynamic memory containing information about each soul and its journey, it contains all the thoughts, said or done in the course of the soul’s existence and its future possibilities. Because the records are organic, they change when you change. A possible future will come forward for you whilst we are in the records together, and you can then choose to take action and bring this into reality or choose a different path entirely. The choice is always yours. You have free will. You are a powerful co-creator and have the ability to choose how to move forward in your life. 

Certain ‘light codes’ may have been set by you to activate at certain times in your life, before you even incarnated. These ‘light codes’ will ‘wake you up’ to certain truths and important snippets of information that will cause you to ask ‘what is this about’ and ‘why is this happening’.

The life force of the Akashic recordings is infinite, and the questions your ‘earth’ guide receive can create empowering and transformative insights during your soul journey in this lifetime.

Working with your Akashic Records guide is a safe space for personal change as you explore the journey of life and the divine knowledge of your soul. The Akashic Records offer you insight into your inner source of guidance, so as to guide you on your journey. Letting the records be read to remove the shadows not only gives you a broader perspective on your choices and behaviours but also reminds you of your soul level of truth and may remind you that you are not living your ‘TRUTH’ because of familiar or social pressures. 

During an Akashic Record reading, you will experience the full spectrum of energy and love from the record keepers and guides, giving you a hopeful sense of deep empowerment to know the truth of your situation and the possibilities in your life that are unfolding.

Katherine Tack, an Akashic Records Teacher says: ‘as a spiritual intuition, accessing these records can help us heal and grow by giving us the knowledge we need to move forward with our lives. These records are defined as the original source of energy that is imprinted on the soul on its journey from its origin to the present moment. The records enable us to bring about changes in our lives, to let go of self-limiting beliefs, to transform relationships with our inner and outer universe, and to adopt peace and a new way of life.’

Each person has their own record of their soul journey from the past to the present and their possible futures, and all information is recorded. We find this information in the time that your soul has created in your past life, your present life and your future possibilities. The information contained in the Akashic Records is downloaded into your energy field when your soul is ready for certain learning or growth.

In simple language, it is fair to call the records a vibrational archive system of thoughts, words, emotions, and actions generated by the soul experience as it begins, and your record reader/guide on earth translates the past and present information and reports future possibilities. 

More than a reservoir of events, the Akashic records are a book of life containing deeds, words and feelings, thoughts and intentions that have taken place in the history of the Earth. What has happened is recorded in the thoughts, words, actions, feelings, and intentions of each individual.

The Akashic Record Guides in the 11th dimension, are incredibly loving and caring, bringing forward answers to your deepest questions in a way that will have a great impact upon you. They will gently guide you to the truth and assist you to make your decisions about how to move forward on your own personal soul path. The guides are very encouraging and never forceful. 

There are times in our lives when we feel trapped, subsumed, or disappointed. Times when we cannot remember why we chose our family situation, and the records can help you learn about, heal, and clear up your emotional pain. We have access to your own Guides,  Beings of Light, who keep an eye on all the information about you, and they can answer your personal questions about your life in the past and how it has affected you today.

When you work together with your Akashic Record guides, you can cultivate a rich relationship with your soul. You will need to know that your soul’s destiny awaits you as you learn to unlock your highest potential.

We start with a short meditation to ground the client and the guide, before entering the records. You can find recordings of certain meditations in online courses on our website. 

There is an inherent intelligence in Akashic records and the guides that bring us the information from the 11th dimension, which does not allow a person to access information in order to misuse it. Instead, the Akashic Records is an energetic source of opportunity, where we open up to an infinite circle of divine potential and where we can find guidance to create our own path on our own journey and even a new story for ourselves.

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