Merkaba Magic

What programs should you add to your Merkaba?…

Programme your Merkaba for healing, balance and to clear past life traumas

The benefits of the Merkaba are endless but here are some more obvious benefits: Firstly, your Merkaba once activated will balance the connection between the ‘Mental and Emotional’ parts of your brain. Strengthening your brain and activating more of your potential (before your Merkaba is activated, you may only be using 5-10% of your brain). Einstein spoke about the ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ parts or we could call them the ‘mental’ and ’emotional’ parts of our brains. As we are taught in schools to be primarily concerned with facts, we are often missing a trick by being focused solely on the facts and ‘left brain’ thinking. By bringing in our ’emotions’ we can achieve even greater transformation. The Merkaba also assists us with our spiritual growth. It connects you with your higher self enabling you to feel unconditional love (Kundalini practice heart-opening) thus healing ourselves as well as others. It makes you think and act in a ‘God choice’ way. Your Merkaba (when correctly activated) gives you the possibility of creating the harmonious reality you desire. Your Merkaba can be “programmed” to do anything (the only thing holding you back is your own imagination). The Merkaba is also a tool that can be used to transcend into other dimensions. Revived studies and practices of the Merkabah are emerging all over the world after so many years of being suppressed from different sources, including the Old Testament and Kabala. You can program your Merkaba to deflect negative energy from other people. ‘I program my Merkaba to deflect negative energy from other people away from me. keep me safe and out of harm’s way. Alert me to any upcoming negativity from others so that I may be prepared and avoid their negative intentions.’ If you desire a specific job or career, your Merkaba can reach into the energy matrix and help conspire to create this reality. ‘I program my Merkaba to help me find the best clients/ job/ work from my highest and best good. I ask that I get paid fairly for my work and that I am able to easily discover new work opportunities that are perfect for me.’ If you desire a specific type of relationship, you can ask this of your Merkaba. Everyone still has free will, so this works best when finding new relationships. You cannot change someone else, however, you can find the best new partner for you who will match your new energetic self. When your Merkaba is activated you can program it to find the best partner for you. ‘I program my Merkaba to help me find my soul mate, my ideal mate or partner.’ You can program your Merkaba to help your current relationship.

‘I program my Merkaba to help me to commit 100% of my energies to support my relationship with my (partner, lover, spouse). I ask that all of Heaven and Earth move to assist us. I ask all the beings of LIGHT to assist us in learning, growing and releasing all that is necessary to fulfil our mission together.

I further program my Merkaba to assist me in balancing, energising and healing anything in me that needs healing in order to maximize our physical, mental and emotional spiritual union.’

  You can program your Merkaba to help you heal your emotions.

‘I program my Merkaba to repair and rebuild my lost or severed connections in my four lower bodies including connections between all of my chakras. I further instruct my body elemental to connect me with the fullest and most evolved expression of myself possible in this embodiment in accord with my Higher self.’

‘I program my Merkaba to help me clear away any past life or ancestral trauma that no longer serves me. Help me to remove any negative contracts that I was born with and release these gently for me’ “I program my Merkaba to help me flow with ease in this physical reality and to see that all my needs and desires are fulfilled for the highest good of all involved.”. Please remember to ask your higher self if the individual program is appropriate for you at this time. And PLEASE REMEMBER to use the words ‘HIGHER SELF’ when you ask the question. If you don’t use the words ‘higher self’ anything/anyone can answer. Your higher self has your best interests at heart and knows intrinsically what is best for you. Practice building a strong connection with your ‘higher self’  to ensure you transform correctly and accomplish your mission and purpose.  By attending our Merkaba Activation workshops, you will be shown correctly how to activate your Merkaba and guided through the process of adding the respective programmes safely.