Jump Start Your Heart

Spiral upwards

From the first time, we feel painful emotions we start to put up protective walls around our hearts. To prevent us from feeling too much emotion, and to prevent us from being hurt again.

The problem with a closed heart, however, is that you can end up cutting yourself off from source. It is through an open heart that we receive the best information from source and therefore the knowledge and understanding of our personal mission and purpose. If you protect your heart too much, you will not have clear communication with source.

You may not even realise how closed your heart has become.

When I wanted to find my soul mate I was surprised at how fearful I was of actually finding him. A huge part of me resisted finding true love because of the memory of how hurt I had been in the past.

On a conscious level, I recognised this and had to move through the emotion of knowing that in order to love again I would have to make myself vulnerable again.

On balance I decided that the pain would be worth it. To experience the joy of true love from another human soul would be worth the potential cost of the pain of a broken heart.

I did not make this decision lightly, as a sensitive person, I feel things incredibly deeply and the pain of a broken heart is not easily dismissed.

The first time my heart broke I didn’t move for 2 days, I lay in a one unmoving lump on the bed, it was difficult to draw breath, it felt like a double-decker bus was on my chest pinning me down. I could not think of moving, did not want or need foods or liquids to sustain me, I just lay there, completely numb and dumb to the world around me.

To acknowledge that this could happen again and yet allow myself to fall in love again was a monumental leap of faith on my part.

The way our hearts are jump-started is normally via a person very close to us, one that can hurt us deeply.

The next time you feel the deep cut of pain caused by a loved one close to you, whether they knowingly hurt you or hurt you by accident, feel into this for a moment and take stock.

This is a great opportunity to jump-start your heart and allow the pain to break down the walls around your heart. By breaking down these walls you will be allowing yourself to move closer to source. You will be opening yourself up to beautiful downloads, move back onto your life purpose path. Your life will improve exponentially.

Yes, you will be making yourself vulnerable to pain in the future. But at least you won’t be cutting yourself off from source. 

I personally can attest to the extreme suffering caused by a broken heart, however, closing yourself to source is a recipe for spiralling downwards.

Feeling the pain and opening yourself up to more ensures you spiral upwards. By being vulnerable to heart to pain, you are actually opening your heart to exquisite joy and euphoric pleasure too.

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