Akashic Records Code of Ethics

Akashic Records Code of Ethics

The primary function of Akashic Records reading is for soul growth for both the client and myself.

I am and will always be a treasured being of light I am part of a greater whole in service to humanity, in this work that I have been called upon to carry out in this lifetime, I choose to uphold the purity and purpose of my soul. In doing so the peace and inner harmony of who I am shines through.

I practice my calling with acuity, responsibility and integrity.

I trust in who I am and all that is. My offer sets a guide that spans outward and my loving light is poured onto the ARI organisation, just as the loving light of ‘all that is’ collectively is poured onto me and expands my being with this connection that is beyond any individual. We the guides of ARI form a constellation of loving light to bring the highest and best good to our clients our organisations and our precious and beautiful world. That is our legacy, that is who we are, that is, I am.

I agree to respect complete confidentiality with my client’s information. I always ask permission to be in the Akashic Records as an act of humility. This allows me to always stay in integrity. I agree to often open the records to solve issues and dilemmas, that may come up in my own work. I practice connecting with my higher self regularly in order to gain accuracy and receive support from my wisdom channels. I agree to always use the Akashic records guides protocol in the proper form I will say the prayer to open the records with a prayer, which includes saying the prayer out loud once and then twice softly including the client’s name.

I agree to actively promote the work of the Akashic Guides international the Akashic records guides training along with the work of the other certified guides. I agree to make good efforts to resolve any disputes with a heart-centred mutually beneficial solution in mind.

I always ask for permission before entering the Akashic Records. I understand that if I have had alcohol or use drugs, I may not be able to access the records.



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