Why have an Akashic record reading with Moira?

The reading will help you to peel back the limiting beliefs you have about yourself so you can know yourself with a soul-level awareness. When you are at your soul’s core, you are your most powerful.
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Moira Camino

International Healer and Akashic Records Guide

International Akashic Records Guide, Healer and Teacher
I have worked as an intuitive healer and teacher for over 20 years now, working with Crystals and Multi Dimensional Healing including channelling Guides, Masters, Angels and Archangels. Because of this, I am able to share a wide range of healing knowledge and skills specific to the person that I give an Akashic Records reading to.
I am always honoured to work with the Records Keepers and Guides to help those that come for readings with me to get much clearer on their life path and to see what steps they need to take in order to help make their dreams come true.
When giving Akashic Record Readings, I often have beautiful conversations and receive wonderful advice from a loved one who is no longer on the Earth and quite often tears of joy come from the person I’m reading for as they feel this lovely connection to their loved ones, Akashic Records Keepers and Guides.
I also very much enjoy giving bespoke meditations and healing advice specific to the person’s needs that I’m speaking with to help them to become more fully aligned with their soul path and therefore feel much more content on all levels.

Moira & Katherine

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“My reading with Moira was amazing, all of her findings resonated with me completely.  She has a calm, reassuring voice and her natural intuitive guidance just flowed beautifully during the session.  She has a natural gift which comes from the heart, the reading was comprehensive and very insightful.

The questions I asked her for my future plans were spot on and she gave me some wonderful messages from my dad who passed away 5 years ago. It was difficult to ask, but she put me at ease straight away.  I have had some reading before but found Moria’s energy caring and vibrant, I would not hesitate to go back.  Thank you Moira for an amazing reading”.


“This was my first experience of an Akashic Records reading, and although I didn’t know what to expect, Moira quickly made me feel comfortable and relaxed, with clear instructions for the visualisation. I was surprised how quickly I slipped into the wonderfully peaceful state.
Listening to the feedback on my life and why I’m here felt like a beautiful affirmation of what I hoped was true for me, and I feel encouraged to continue as I am with a sense of support around me.
Moira was able to give me the details of a meditation I can do alone whenever I want to deepen the impact of my work or just for my own nourishment, and I’m excited to put this to use.

I highly recommend this experience.”

Catherine B

“I had a lovely reading with Moira, she was so professional and kind.

The messages that came through helped me ground in some aspects of my life I needed affirming. Along with some wonderful advice on how expand on my passions.

Everything that came through was accurate, things I’ve had visions of myself. During the session Moira asked if I have been working with teenagers, as it came through that this is something I might be doing in the future, to do with stress. Weirdly enough straight after the session a friend asked me if I could help an 18 year old girl who is suffering with illness from stress! Thank you, Moira”.


“I had an Akashic Record reading with Moira, and in a word – WOW.  Moira was so insightful and everything she said really resonated with me.  I was given messages that were new to me and also lots of information for things that affirmed what I knew and suspected.
If you’re a spiritual person, or new to exploring your spiritual side, the Akashic Record reading with Moira will totally open your eyes.
I came to the reading with little expectation – just an open heart and an open mind, and I’m so glad I did.  I would definitely recommend this reading with Moira and I would recommend you do the same – go with an open heart and trust that you will hear what you need to hear.”


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