Why have an Akashic record reading with Lara?

The reading will help you to peel back the limiting beliefs you have about yourself so you can know yourself with a soul-level awareness. When you are at your soul’s core, you are your most powerful.
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Lara Akashic Records Reader


Lara Nani

Lara – Intuitive Healer

As someone who is dedicated to helping others, Lara brings knowledge of her craft and compassion for those she works with as a Spiritual Healer and Psychic. 

For more than 20 years, Lara has been taking part in spiritual workshops and courses to discover the best way to utilize her gifts. She is educated in Reiki 1 and 2, reflexology, body massage, and other specialties. However, her main focus is with the Pranic and Crystal Healing, in conjunction with Akashic Records Reading and this can be done for peoples, animals, homes and places. 

For the last 4 years she has dedicated her full attention to practicing intuitive healing and harnessing her psychic abilities. By using the power of energy, Lara is able to heal those in search of a new direction in life. She can connect to your current and past life to remove energy blocks, while also balancing the chakras, also offering energetic cord removal/cutting of negative or dark entities, redirecting the energy associated with cords allows you to use this energy for renewing selected relationships not burdened by the past and for new positive relationships.

Lara’s passion for healing others through her spiritual gifts is something she takes very seriously. She wants each person she works with to feel comfortable and at peace with the journey they take together. Her true mission in life is to help people help themselves by removing obstacles standing in their way, and by showing them a clearer path to happiness and life fulfilment. 


“Dear Lara.
I would like to thank you so much, for my amazing reading. The help you gave with Bliksie, he crossed over the rainbow bridge today at 4pm..


“My reading with Lara was amazing.
My first contact with Lara was an instantaneous sense of calmness,

Connection and warmth. She was quietly confident and engaging With a lovely smile and put me immediately at ease.

The reading was done very well and methodically.
Lara connected well with my guides. The information was accurate, Insightful and relevant.
I also appreciated the balancing of my chakras and clearing of blockages.

All in all I was left with a feeling of deep calm and lightness and was reconnected with myself.

I felt Lara went that extra mile.. amazing lady.
Wishing you peace on your new path.

Love & Light.”


“I was blessed to have one of the most enlightening and uplifting readings with Lara Nani.

From the outset I felt an immediate and strong connection. A sense of peace and happiness washed over me as soon as we connected.
This feeling lasted for a number of days after the reading as well.
Many of my questions were answered clearly and with great empathy, with quite a bit of humour provided by my guides.
Lara was very thorough and made sure I received the message in clear and concise narrative.

The unblocking of chakras and clearing of some very long-held beliefs and blockages were a very welcome and appreciated part of the reading. 
The double clearing was never before done for me and was amazing.
All in all this was one of the best experiences of my life.

Thank you Lara.”
Bev J

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