Why have an Akashic record reading with Eva?

The reading will help you to peel back the limiting beliefs you have about yourself so you can know yourself with a soul-level awareness. When you are at your soul’s core, you are your most powerful.
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Akashic Records Reader - Eva

Eva Věncek

An Intuitive & inspiring spiritual worker

Intuitive inspiring spiritual worker practising healing who has been following a spiritual path since a young age practising deep meditation and contemplation. I can get visions and healing energies coming from Akashic records highlighting purpose, but it depends on what is channelled through the guidance. Every reading is individual. 

If you feel drawn to have an Akashic record reading, this could be your soul calling out to receive guidance on your mission and purpose.

Having an Akashic record reading shows you who you are on a soul level. It can show you where you are at the present moment and the possibilities of where you are heading to.

Eva is a very attuned and gifted reader of the Akashic records and relays information in a clear, supportive, loving way.

Akashic records reading is not a psychic reading. The Akashic record keepers are here for your soul growth. The information that comes in is compelling, often highlighting blocks or difficulties holding us back from living our best lives.

The amount and quality of information coming through Akashic records reading can also be influenced by how you are connected to yourself on a soul level.

Clearing and connecting through the heart (heart activation) might be necessary to do at first for the client to receive the information, which he/she is asking for. Some clients have come with their soul desperate to connect and to receive the information they need, yet they have been putting so much resistance to the clearing and connection, that they were not able to connect.


Please prepare questions you would like to ask, as all questions are formed by the client.


If you have a few question before booking a reading, drop us your email below and we will be in touch


“I had an Akashic records reading with Eva and it was beautiful. She really connected with my guides and brought through some excellent information from the record keepers and guides which will enable me to continue my own healing journey and move forward on the path I’m following. Eva was gentle but clear in the reading and was warm and welcoming. It was a wonderful experience and it came along at just the right time! Thank you, Eva.”


Jenny L

“I am so grateful to Eva for her help in opening my Akashic records. Eva was such a wonderful person to start this journey with. I can’t recommend highly enough how blessed you will be to open your records and to have Eva help you do it. Eva is a very attuned and gifted reader of the Akashic records and relays information in the most supportive clear loving truth relayed to her. The information I received and healing is beyond what I can put in words. Many blessings to all taking this journey. Love and light and much thanks to Eva!!”

“Eva is an extraordinary person and a very gifted reader of the Akashic Records. I had many “aha moments” during her reading. The information that came through fully resonated with me. I felt powerful energy throughout the reading as if I had entered a sacred zone. Eva and I both had this experience together. I asked many questions and I felt relieved to hear the answers. Afterwards, I felt light and hopeful, understanding that the energy and wisdom beyond our day-to-day lives is something real. I highly recommend Eva to you. She is amazing!”

Jan, Toronto, Canada


“I had a lovely reading with Eva. Her words completely resonated with me, and I experienced really strong and beautiful energy throughout the reading. 
I felt very calm and peaceful after the call…it really was a most pleasant and enjoyable experience, and I am more than happy to recommend it.” 



“I recently had my Akashic records read by Eva who is so lovely and calm. She explained well what I needed to do throughout the reading and attentively answered each of my questions ensuring she got the most out of each one. I would definitely recommend Eva for an Akashic Records reading.”



“I had an Akashic records reading with Eva.  She made me feel comfortable with her warm and gentle personality.  It was a really interesting session with quite a few things which I could totally relate to!  I would recommend a reading with Eva, a lovely lady.”



“My Akashic Record reading with Eva was very gentle. From the beginning, she explained everything clearly and she was very approachable.
I found Eva to be a clear conduit, she sensed and expressed my emotions immediately.
If you are considering your first Akashic Record reading, then I recommend Eva, as she will make you feel at ease and transmit all the details she receives in a clear and gentle manner.”



I was contacted and accommodated by Eva for an Akashic records reading. This was the first Akashic cosmic data bank experience for me. I really had a very special reading that was quite powerful and extremely special. 
I found Eva to be down to earth, easy to communicate with and she made me feel very comfortable from the start. 
Eva was very spot on pertaining to my questions asked to her and then to her images relayed back to me related to my life. It even brought forth goosebumps and a tear to my eye.
I would recommend Eva and wish her so many blessings in her light work. 



“My reading with Eva was fantastic! She has a real gift and it was a pleasure to connect with her. Eva made me feel at ease and she took the time to talk me through all the messages that came through for me. Afterwards, I felt really positive and feel like I have the answers I need to guide me forward. Thank you, Eva!”



“Eva created a calm, caring and loving space as she opened my records. This calm space allowed her to see, feel, and smell visions and messages that my soul was craving to know. Our session felt very nurturing and brought clarity for my next steps. Thank you, Eva, 



“Eva gave me a very insightful Akashic Records reading with lots of clear information on my path ahead, with explanations as to how to connect more deeply and easily with specific crystals, planets and guides during my healing work. Eva works from the heart and can translate beautiful visions from the record keepers and guides that are inspiring and healing at the same time. I can highly recommend Eva for Akashic Records readings, she is a complete natural at this!”



“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful gentle but powerful Akashic reading today. I have had some difficult issues that have not been resolved – though not without a lack of trying! & some deep traumas  that have been stuck in my lower Chakras – which came up today & then a sudden spontaneously sun healing from the archangels was challenged through Eva – this was very emotional but joyful too as it lit up my soul path ahead of me”


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