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Mystic Mag has a pleasure to speak with Katherine Tack, a highly accomplished individual who has made significant contributions to the field of spirituality and business. Katherine is the creator and teacher of The Akashic Business Guide Program, a transformative program that combines the power of the Akashic Records with practical business strategies. She is also the founder of the Akashic Record Reading UK community, a vibrant community that brings together individuals interested in exploring the Akashic Records. In addition to her teaching and community-building efforts, Katherine is the author of, a comprehensive guide that helps individuals manifest abundance in their lives. We are thrilled to have Katherine join us today to share her insights and experiences in the realm of spirituality, business, and personal growth.

Can you explain the fundamental principles of the Akashic Business Guide Program and how it differs from traditional psychic readings?

I must apologise for not being clear on my website about the following difference:

Firstly let’s clarify: There is a difference between the Akashic Business Guide programme that includes an 8 week programme, teaching sensitive individuals how to become an Akashic Record reader, how to prepare their body, mind and soul to receive the high vibrational, loving messages that come to us from the record keepers and guides. Versus an Akashic Record Reading, which lasts one hour and brings forward information, advice, and healing for an individual seeking council to help them at a soul level, helping them identify their life purpose and potentially any blocks that may be holding them back in this lifetime from achieving and living their best life for the highest good of all.

An Akashic Record reading is based on the fundamental principles of accessing the Akashic Records and applying the information obtained to support the individual in their current life journey from a soul perspective. It differs from traditional psychic readings in several ways:

Akashic Records: The reading utilises the concept of the Akashic Records, which are a repository of information containing the past, present, and potential future of every soul. The Akashic Record Reader (myself or one of the individuals I have trained to open the records) taps into this energetic database housed in the 11th dimension, to gain profound insights and guidance for an individual who is seeking answers to their life questions. Many individuals seek an Akashic Record Reading because they feel like they are ‘stuck’ or they feel uncomfortable in their current life situation, they may feel like they are in the wrong job, with the wrong life partner or they may describe themselves as feeling ‘unfulfilled’, they may know that they are ‘standing in their own way’ stuck in a pattern that they cannot break despite years of trying.

Opening the Akashic Records is an energetic event that offers an in-depth level of information around the person’s soul in this lifetime, compared to their past lives. The Akashic Record reading provides detailed insights into the underlying causes of challenges, patterns, and opportunities within an individual, allowing for a deeper understanding at a soul level. This can include the concept of actions or events which occurred in a past life that are impacting the individual in their current life experience.

A psychic will most likely bring through ancestors, parents, grandparents deceased loved ones and can be asked: ‘which detective should be searching for a missing person?’, OR ‘who stole my money?’ Whereas the Akashic record Keepers should be asked ‘Am I on the right path in my life?’ Or ‘what is my mission and purpose for this lifetime?.’ Or ‘did I have a past life with my mother/family member.’ Or ‘do I have any karmic blocks holding me back?’. A request to connect with a deceased loved one is entirely possible but not guaranteed, not always the norm.

Akashic Record Readers often refer individuals to work with psychics when the individual is looking for answers about situations that are outside of the scope of the Akashic Records Remit. It can be complicated to discern which questions are appropriate, because so many everyday elements impact our soul’s journey and overlap with a psychic reading. I personally recommend that we ask the guides their opinion on the question. The Akashic Record Keepers and Guides will very quickly let us know if this is a good question to ask them, or if we should in fact seek the counsel of a psychic instead.

The Akashic Record Reading considers multiple aspects of an individual, including their energetic imprint, core values, mission, and alignment with their soul’s purpose. It goes beyond the surface-level analysis and explores the spiritual, emotional, and energetic dimensions of the individual. The Akashic Record Keepers and guides are very concerned about humanity achieving that which they set out to achieve before they were born (their soul contract). And the Record Keepers and guides can refuse to answer a question if they believe that the individual is not ready to hear the answer, or if the answer would cause the individual to stray from their life purpose. The Record Keepers and Guides have also reminded us often that although we can ask questions about family members or loved ones, there may be a point where they will preserve the privacy of another individual and not bring forward information about that person.

The Akashic Records are opened by working with beings of 100% light, by connecting to Ascended masters and beings of a very high vibration. The reading often brings in motivation to inspire the individual to continue on their life path and understand the many obstructions they face as life lessons to be overcome. With the emphasis on spiritual applications, it helps the individual translate the insights gained from the Akashic Records into actionable strategies, plans, and steps to improve their circumstances, raise their vibration and live a fulfilling life, with purpose and meaning. Often showing the individual that they are not meant to live their life in the shadow of others. They are not meant to live a life of discomfort and trauma. They are meant to overcome their situation. They are often given specific tools to help them to do so.

Very sensitive star seeds are drawn to the Akashic Records as they are waking up and realising that the teachings around them are not necessarily correct for them. They have a deep sense of knowing that the family /society that they were born into doesn’t understand them or support them at a soul level. They suspect that they need to forge their own path in this world. Theirs is not a life to be lead through the thoughts and rules placed in front of them by others. Theirs is a life to be forged anew, bringing in change, shedding new light on old, outdated beliefs and dogmas, filling themselves with light and shining like the true way shower and light bearer that they were meant to be.

The Akashic Record Reading aims to empower individuals by helping them connect with their own intuition, wisdom, and decision-making abilities. It encourages individuals to remember who they are at a soul level and take an active role in shaping their life’s direction and outcomes, rather than relying solely on external guidance. Many individuals have forgotten who they are, how powerful they are and how much magic and change they are destined to bring to the world.

The Reading will help the individual by confirming what that individual already suspects about themselves. Often sensitive individuals have a sense about who they are at a soul level but may have been discouraged by many to forsake their innate skills and abilities and instead lead a more ‘traditional’ life. The Akashic Record Keepers and guides will encourage the individual to ‘be who they came to be’ , embrace their innate skills and fulfil their destiny as a way shower and a light bearer.

There are many similarities between an Akashic Record Reading and a Psychic reading, the latter is often a lot more fun and can be interesting with very few limitations. I have enjoyed many psychic readings from others myself and believe wholeheartedly in the practice of clear sentience. I have met many talented Psychics who have brought much peace and happiness to myself, my friends, and relatives.  I also believe that there is a place for both Akashic Record Readings and Psychic readings in this magnificent world of ours.

I believe Akashic record readings and psychic readings should coexist and complement each other. While there may be some overlap in the information received, they are distinct approaches to accessing knowledge and insights.

In Summary:

Akashic record readings involve tapping into the energetic database housed in the 11th dimension that is believed to contain information about past, present, and potential future events. These readings aim to provide a broader perspective and deeper understanding of one’s soul journey, life purpose, and karmic patterns.

Psychic readings, on the other hand, involve intuitive perception and extrasensory abilities to gather information about a person’s current or future circumstances, as well as insights into their emotions, relationships, and other aspects of their life.

Both Akashic record readings and Psychic readings can offer valuable insights and guidance. Some individuals may find that certain aspects resonate more with them or that they prefer one approach over the other. It ultimately depends on personal preference and the specific needs of the individual seeking guidance.

What type of services do you offer?

  • Akashic Record Readings
  • Connect with your higher self – one hour workshop
  • Clearing Karma
  • Clearing ancestral blocks
  • Activate your Merkabah level one and level 2. Each can be completed in a 2 hour workshop.
  • The Akashic Business Guide: An 8 weak course (2 hrs per week) Teaching sensitive, intuitive, empaths how to Access the Akashic Records.

Level one: Access the Records for yourself.

Level two: access the Akashic Records for others.

Overall, the Akashic Business Guide Program helps individuals to prepare to move from paid employment into running their own business as an Akashic record reader. It combines the metaphysical concept of the Akashic Records with practical business insights and ways of attracting abundance to support them in their new profession.

We also offer a platform on our website for them to join our team and receive the benefit of our advertising to attract the right clients to them.

In your experience working with the Akashic Records, what are some of the most profound insights or transformations you’ve witnessed in individuals who have engaged with the reading?

Past lives and karmic patterns: Because the Akashic Records hold information about our past lives and the karmic patterns we carry, exploring these records can provide valuable understanding of recurring themes, relationships, and unresolved issues that may impact their current life. I personally have witnessed many ‘aha’ moments as my clients understand for the first time why they have difficulty with a specific family member or why they are unable to lose weight, find the perfect life partner or achieve financial stability.

One individual discovered that her son who was giving her such a hard time had been her guardian in a previous life in which she had given him a hard time. Neither of the children in this case meant to cause their guardian/parent discomfort on a conscious level, however, understanding this pattern was illuminating for the mother who was then able to take steps to break the pattern and return the family dynamic to one of love and trust, breaking forever that repeating pattern, healing the soul contract, and creating a level playing field so that both souls can grow strong in their own right.

Another individual discovered that her daughter had been her mother in a past life. This finally explained to her why her daughter was always angry when she (the mother) knew something that the daughter didn’t yet know. There was a constant power struggle within the family. The mother wanting to do what’s best for her daughter. The daughter feeling as though she should know more than the mother and not enjoying being ‘told’ anything, ever.

Self-awareness and personal growth: Accessing the Akashic Records offers profound insights into one’s purpose, talents, and life lessons. By understanding our soul’s journey, we can gain clarity on personal growth, make better choices aligned with our higher selves, and overcome challenges. Clearing Karma is a big issue, many individuals understand during their reading that they are meant to release this Karma to raise their vibration. The Karma has already been cleared in other dimensions, and it is up to us humans to clear it now at our level, in our 3rd dimension. Clearing Karma takes time, and they are given homework to continue on their own. This is a cost-effective way to help them clear that which holds them back from living a more fulfilling life.

I’m reminded now of an individual (Let’s call her Samantha) who had a very difficult ending in her past life. This caused her to come into this world at a lower vibration than we would wish upon anyone.

She had chosen a particularly difficult life path from birth, a low vibrational family who didn’t show her any love and in fact shared only hatred, anger and physical abuse with her.  She therefore experienced deep emotional and physical trauma in this lifetime.

Her coping mechanism of choice was alcohol, Samantha took small amounts of alcohol every day to ease her emotional pain. The Akashic record keepers and guides spoke through me and lovingly brought to her the message that alcohol was holding her back. When we take alcohol / recreation drugs, it creates little tears in our aura allowing dark entities to take hold and they often start running the show, feeding off our light, making us sad, depressed, and feeling very lost and alone. Although Samantha had chosen alcohol to numb her pain, instead it was exacerbating her circumstances, instead of healing her, it was draining her.

We also completed a karma clearing guided meditation during the reading, which let go of and released the outdated information that no longer served Samantha. This was an incredibly healing experience for her. She felt years lighter after the meditation and completed the Karma clearing homework that the guides gave to her.

Also, when Samantha came to the understanding that her behaviour was holding her back, she booked an entity clearing with Lara Nani, (our resident entity clearer), ditched the alcohol and switched up her spiritual growth at an accelerated level that was breath-taking to behold. Weeks later, Samantha booked herself onto our Merkaba workshop, raised her vibration and discovered her life purpose to be a an Akashic Record reader and a Reiki practitioner. The Merkaba training brought to light those innate spiritual skills and reminded her who she was meant to be at a soul level.

Samantha turned her life around completely. She became addicted to feeling the magic of life, feeling transported by the high vibrational beings that lead us daily toward our life purpose and fulfilment.

I’m delighted to report that the Samantha I meet during our Akashic Record Readings now is worlds away from the one I met in our first reading. Samantha is a true light channel, shining her light for the whole world to see. Sure, she still has her path to follow and challenges to overcome, however now she faces each experience with happiness in her eyes and hope in her heart and of course an entire army of angels at her side.

Healing and transformation: The Akashic Records are considered a source of healing energy. Exploring them can reveal the root causes of physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances, allowing for deep healing and transformation on various levels. I personally take many clients on a healing journey inside the records where we release karmic and ancestral blocks, this is incredibly helpful for the individual.

Spiritual guidance: Accessing the Akashic Records can provide guidance and clarity on spiritual matters, including one’s spiritual path, soul contracts, and the lessons to be learned in this lifetime. I have personally witnessed how this guidance has helped individuals align with their soul’s purpose and deepen their connection to the Divine.

Soul contracts can include choosing a specific family member that we clash with. This can seem insane to our conscious mind, why on earth would we choose such a terrible mother/father/guardian. However, on a soul level, this choice is meant to help us fix that which is broken within us. Fix that pattern that repeats lifetime after lifetime.

It can be explained in the following way:

Example: A girl child chooses a chauvinistic father, each time he belittles her, she feels the stabs of emotional pain connected to that event, and she is reminded that she is triggered by this behaviour, and she needs to overcome that emotion. She needs to overcome the fear or anger that engulfs her when she is faced with this situation. Her father is in fact holding up a mirror to her and showing her what is off balance within her at a soul level. He has agreed as part of his soul contract to be that mirror for her. He may not know this consciously.

When the girl tackles this problem from all angles and finds ways to make peace with this subject, when she overcomes this obstacle and then forgives him completely and when she forgives herself too, completely, she will find true happiness and raise her vibration to a place where she then starts to attract much better men and circumstances into her life. She will then be clearing or over coming Karma that came with her from another lifetime. An Akashic Record Reading can assist her with understanding this contract and help her to find tools to overcome this hurdle.

The Akashic Record Keepers and Guides tell me often that we are not meant to bear that which we find uncomfortable. We are meant to take steps and find ways to change it.

Universal wisdom: The Akashic Records contain the collective knowledge of the universe, spanning across time and space. Accessing them offers deep insights into the nature of existence, consciousness, and the interconnectedness of all things. The Akashic Record Keepers and guides will bring through the soul status of the individual and highlight for them if they are a star seed and perhaps even which galaxy they hail from.

Many individuals resonate with this understanding during the reading, and many have a very emotional reaction to opening the records. They feel the energy of love surround them during the reading, they often feel overwhelmed by how much love is available for them. Many feedback years later that they never felt alone since their very first reading.

The love that they feel during the reading reminds them of where they came from, reminds them of the love from Source, God the Creator, reminds them of home and inspires them to ‘wake up’ and ‘remember’ who they are and what they have come forward to achieve. Many individuals have then gone on to clear their Karma, activate their Merkabah energy body (level one and two) and found their true life calling. Some have even become Akashic Record readers themselves.


I am reminded now of a young woman (Let’s call her Rebecca) who came to me in tears at her first reading. She felt very alone and very afraid. She was deeply in love with a man from another culture and colour. Her parents had raised her in a strict environment, her future was already mapped out for her…  who she would marry… How she would live her life etc.

Rebecca however, had no interest whatsoever in this life chosen for her, the thought of living this life made her feel distraught, crushed, despondent. The Akashic Record Keepers and Guides spoke through me and gently informed her of who she truly was at a soul level.

She is part of the Second wave of Star seeds who have come forward to make changes to our world. Make changes to the outdated thoughts and patterns that are keeping the vibration of our world very low. Being a star seed means that her previous incarnation as a being (in her case a being from Sirius) meant that she had a very light body, she would have spoken telepathically with all other souls on her planet, she would have felt the unconditional love of all other beings in her family and her people. Even her government would have been highly evolved and supportive leaders. The whole planet would work as one being, caring for each other, sharing the love that is so freely available in Sirius.

Rebecca is a bright light, a shining star, brought forward to our time space reality to pave the way and show her parents and others in her culture that the way forward is LOVE in all its many shapes, sizes, colours and individualities.

The way forward for our beautiful planet is not by looking to the past, not by hanging on tirelessly to outdated paradigms, but instead, embracing the high vibration of love and light. Bringing that love and light forward so that all can thrive and prosper. By anchoring love into the earth plane Rebecca is doing her part to raise the vibration of the world we live in.

The Akashic Record Keepers and guides lovingly brought forward her soul contract, so that she could understand that she chose this life path. She chose those parents who she loves, to teach them about love. Her parents in turn chose her as their beautiful daughter to teach them how to love unconditionally, even though they, themselves, had chosen a difficult path of tradition and very rigid laws to live by. When Rebecca chose to continue her relationship with the ‘man that was forbidden’, she brought forward an opportunity for change within her earth family and culture.

By the end of the 1-hour Akashic Record Reading, Rebecca was filled with hope and renewed purpose ready to face her destiny and shine her light into the world. She chose to push forward with her mission, and although she appreciated it, she would bring some pain and heartache to her parents, ultimately it would push them to question their outdated beliefs and question their dogmatic behaviour and religious beliefs.

When they see how their beloved daughter is so filled with light and love, they will have to consider their own hearts and decide if they will continue to fill them, with LOVE or FEAR, they will have to find a way to keep their vibration high and overcome disappointment as they realise that that disappointment was displaced fear. They will have to decide if they want their hearts to be a place where fear and anger fester or where love and light thrives.

In Summary:
It’s important to note that accessing the Akashic Records is considered a metaphysical or spiritual practice, and its interpretation and validity may vary among individuals. I personally request of the Akashic Record Keepers and Guides that they send to me those individuals who need to hear from me personally. I therefore tend to have exceptionally good readings with those who are ready to hear the very profound and life-changing messages that come forward for them.

How do you integrate the concept of “possible futures” into the Akashic Record Reading?

Regarding the future, the guidance provided by Akashic Record Keepers and guides is often cantered around potential paths and possibilities rather than definitive predictions. They may provide suggestions, perspectives, or probabilities based on the individual’s current circumstances and choices. However, it is generally emphasised that the future is not set in stone, and personal decisions and free will can influence and shape the outcomes. I personally ask the guides for a percentage probability of an outcome. They are often generous enough to supply an answer along these lines. So, for example they may say that: If this individual marries their fiancé, there is an 82% probability that they will have a happy life together with 2 children.

What role does the concept of “soul level” play in the Akashic Record Reading?

In an Akashic Record Reading, the concept of “soul level” refers to the spiritual development and evolution of an individual’s soul. It plays a significant role in understanding the person’s journey, purpose, and lessons in life. The soul level indicates the degree of spiritual growth, wisdom, and awareness that a soul has attained. It helps to determine the depth and clarity of information that can be accessed from the Akashic Records, which are believed to contain the collective knowledge and experiences of all souls. The soul level serves as a guide for the reader to provide insights, guidance, and healing based on the individual’s unique spiritual path.

How do you see the future of the Akashic Business Guide Program evolving? Are there any new developments or enhancements you’re currently working on to further assist individuals in their personal and professional growth journeys?

I am currently writing a book that will include 3 volumes. The books start at level one for beginners, to assist those who have had a reading to further make sense of what has come through from the Akashic Record Keepers.

An hour together can bring forward so much, that often the recipient feels as though a fire hose of information has been turned onto them. It can feel overwhelming. A book that they can read at their leisure is a cost-effective way for them to continue understanding all the information brought forward. And the book will cover all the topics brought forward to me by the record keepers so that they can receive even more guidance and insights plus tools to show them how to protect themselves and bring forward their gifts, so that they can live their best life.

Volumes 2 and 3 will similarly bring forward information for the next level, those that have workshopped their Merkabah activation or Accessing the Akashic Records with me will be able to read about more in depth experiences and insights to help them on their individual journeys.

I have founded the Akashic Record Reading UK institution as a platform that I share with the magical souls that I have trained to open the records and connect with them regularly. We have wonderful conversations, and we are all on an incredibly interesting and magical journey together.

I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone who shows up to find out more about their soul journey and life purpose. And of course, we cannot do this incredibly important work without the magic of the Akashic Record Keepers and Guides who show up day and night to assist us with our karmic clearing and soul transformations.  Thank you!

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