Why have an Akashic record reading with Simrat

The reading will help you to peel back the limiting beliefs you have about yourself so you can know yourself with a soul-level awareness. When you are at your soul’s core, you are your most powerful.
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Simrat Singh

A Dedicated Spiritual Worker

My journey as a healer began as a medical doctor specializing in women’s health.
My knowledge was furthered with extensive training in osteopathy, craniosacral therapy, reiki, and vibrational upgrade systemsTM
I intuitively found myself drawn to channelled spiritual healing via reading and healing in the akashic records.
I would be honored to help you answer questions to assist in the evolution of your soul’s journey. 


If you have a few question before booking a reading, drop us your email below and we will be in touch


Akashic Record reading with Simrat

“It was my first time doing an Akashic Record reading; I was blown away.
Simrat carefully grounded us and ensured that both of us were comfortable for the next hour. She was tentative to my needs and questions;
everything she said deeply resonated with me. And I felt that all of the information provided was true to me.
We discussed my soul’s reincarnations heading all the way back to Egyptian times.
She obtained pure and healing information that helped me understand myself better so I can move forward with more confidence and grace in this lifetime. There was no judgment, and I felt totally safe sharing my deepest thoughts with her. I cannot thank her enough for gifting such a beautiful experience.”


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