Why have an Akashic record reading with Oihane?

The reading will help you to peel back the limiting beliefs you have about yourself so you can know yourself with a soul-level awareness. When you are at your soul’s core, you are your most powerful.
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Akashic Records Reader - Oihane

Oihane Donnellan

"I've been a natural channelizer since a very young age"

Having a deep sense of connection with nature and its symbolism. This connection makes the readings that I share deeply grounded. They offer you clear insight towards the next steps to be taken in your day to day life. 

I accompany you on your journey to build a loving relationship with yourself. In our sessions, we will make space to listen, honour and find reconciliation with your essence and your life story. Creating a safe space where emotions, desires, trauma, loss and grief can be held with love. 

By channelling past, present and possible future knowledge we will:

  • Shine light on your present moment
  • Explore emotions that need to be expressed
  • Cleanse your inner dialogue and fill it with love
  • Look for clarity 
  • Reconnect with your pure essence
  • Awaken your intuition
  • Root and focus your life purpose
  • Recognize and change repetitive unhealthy patterns
  • Walk towards healing from loss and trauma

I’m passionate and compassionate of the work that I do, acknowledging that every moment shared in the sacred space of an Akashic Record Reading, it’s an opportunity to grow, learn and heal for both of us. A magical time for expansion and reconnection. It will be an honour to share it with you.


“A guide towards internal growth. Getting to know oneself is complicated sometimes, and we need external support. Oihane, very respectfully, helps you in that hard, but necessary process.”

Mario Angulo Rojo

“A session with Oihane is a connection with your essential being. For me, her sessions are a connection with myself, and with the world that surrounds me, from a deeper perspective. With her soft, magical and hypnotic voice, she guides you to a world filled with colours, mixed with the search of your most hidden being. It’s a beautiful and liberating experience. You end up with a deep sense of happiness, optimism, and a big trust in life.”

Gibet Febrer Marques

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