Learn to read the Akashic Records

Are you on the right soul- aligned path?

and… are you on the right business path?

Manifest a fulfilling career

This is a 10-part course designed to help start-ups and established healers, therapists, spiritual teachers to serve their soul-aligned clients.

Activate your inner Magician

Imagine being able to fully utilise your unique gifts and talents and be abundantly rewarded?

Live your most Magical life

We bring forward the knowledge to cut through the clutter and ‘wake up’ to your own spiritual skills. Activate your innate skills, improve your emotional and spiritual strength.


From healing, clearing and manifesting to ascension and the Akashic records!

Are you ready to heal your past life traumas, release your pain, anxiety, fear?

Are you ready to align with your highest potential?

Dissolve contracts that you were born with and join us on a journey of inspiration, remembering who you are at a soul level and discover your life and business purpose.

Create sustainable abundance

Implement our sustainable abundance system to ensure your business has a bright and magical, future. Attract the right clients all the time. 

This program has been developed after working with countless intelligent, spiritual people, struggling to move forward with their lives and businesses.

  • We bring forward the knowledge to cut through the clutter and ‘wake up’ to your own spiritual skills. Activate your innate skills, improve your emotional and spiritual strength.
  • This system will allow you to do away with all the doubt and worry and uncertainty around getting a strong connection with the record keepers. 
  • Start or further your ascension process and then move straight into connecting with the record keepers and guides and ultimately living your most abundant, magical version of life possible.
  • The 10-part program is just the start, as a bonus, we have created a community, a safe place, where you can share your experiences, ask questions and we even have 25 or more volunteers who you can practise on for free.
  • Join our team of akashic record guides on our website or you can start your own business. We offer as much or as little support as you need.

The 10 part program is just the start...
AS a BONUS, we have created a support community, a safe place where you can continue your journey.
Including access to over 100 volunteers where you can practice your new skills and gain the confidence in this magical modality.



one-one Assistance

The program includes a 1 to 1 akashic record reading with Katherine Tack, in order to:

  • Discover which blocks are really holding you back
  • Clear and release any Karma that no longer serves you
  • Find and release your Ancestral blocks
  • Create a stronger connection with your higher self (intuition)
  • Receive important messages from your guides 
  • Introduction to  your personal dragon 
  • Dig a little deeper into what you personally need to do in order
    to attract better circumstances into your life.
  • Discover new ways to raise your vibration to 5th Dimensional status
    – enjoy days of heaven on earth

Experience EXPANSION...
As part of the course, you will activate your energy body, allowing you to shift into the 5th dimension and experience life in a completely different way... imagine heaven on earth every day of your life.

Become an Akashic Record Reader

8-week program £1995 Special Offer Now only £1250!

We start the program from the ground up… working through your own karma or blocks, creating a powerful connection with your higher self and ensuring that you are completely ready to receive the wonderful life-changing information from the record keepers and guides.


Activate the Ascension portal that will elevate you to where you need to be in your business and life.  Operate from a place of heaven on earth. 

Attract better circumstances

A 10-part course designed to help entrepreneurs to activate their inner business magician and better serve themselves and their soul-aligned clients


Discover your limiting patterns and dissolve your contracts. Have you ever wondered why your goals never materialise? Why do you attract the same partner or clients repeatedly?

8 Week Course

Personally led by Katherine.

Starting 21st May 2022 

8 x 2-hour workshops. 

Includes an Akashic Record Reading.

& the Abundance Magic Book and card system

On demand training

  • Learn at your own pace!
  • Start anytime!
  • Includes an Akashic Record Reading.
  • & the Abundance Magic Book and card system

Spread the payments over 5 months...


“Katherine is the most wonderful teacher to have on my spiritual journey. Her warmth, assurance and unconditional support, before, during and after workshops and Akashic records readings calm a lost soul and bring a lost soul home. My life changed in such a fast and positive way after meeting her and having her in my life. Can’t be more grateful! <3 ”

Anne W

Interview with Kavita

“Katherine is very thorough and I love that, the graphics were beautiful. From the very moment I met her, she made me very comfortable. – The workshop was very well thought out.”


Interview with Amy

“I think the workshops are structured really, really well, it’s not too long but was enough time. I love the process – the environment was so supportive and lovely, everything was easy to understand “


Interview with Lara

“It was all very magical, I felt straight away very much connected to it. – If I had a problem Katherine was always there to guide me and put me back on track!”

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