How can an Akashic record reading work remotely/virtually – is it not more effective to do a session in person…

How can an Akashic Record Reading work remotely... is it more effective to experience the seesion in person?

The concept of Akashic records is based on the belief that there is a non-physical, energetic record of every soul’s journey, experiences, and knowledge. Some people believe that accessing these records can provide valuable insights and guidance.

Whether an Akashic record reading is more effective in person or remotely depends on individual preferences and beliefs. Here are some considerations:

Remote/Virtual Akashic Record Reading:

  1. Energy Transcends Physical Space: Many practitioners believe that energy is not bound by physical proximity. Therefore, they believe they can tap into the Akashic records just as effectively remotely.

  2. Focus on Energy and Intention: Practitioners often emphasize the importance of intention and focus in accessing the Akashic records. With the right mindset and intention, they believe it’s possible to connect with the records from any location.

  3. Comfort and Convenience: Remote sessions offer convenience for both the reader and the client. There’s no need to travel, and you can choose a comfortable and familiar environment for the session.

  4. Recordings and Documentation: Remote sessions can be recorded, allowing clients to revisit the session at their convenience. This can be especially useful for reviewing the information and insights provided.

In-Person Akashic Record Reading:

  1. Physical Presence: Some individuals find it easier to establish a connection when the reader is physically present. They may feel more comfortable and at ease in a face-to-face setting.

  2. Sensory Cues: In-person sessions allow for subtle cues such as body language and facial expressions, which some people find valuable for gauging the authenticity and trustworthiness of the practitioner.

  3. Energetic Environment: Some practitioners believe that the energy of the physical space can enhance the connection to the Akashic records. A carefully prepared space can create a conducive environment for the session.

Ultimately, whether an Akashic record reading is more effective remotely or in person is a subjective matter. It depends on the beliefs, preferences, and comfort levels of both the practitioner and the client. It’s important to choose the approach that resonates most with you personally. If you’re considering a session, you might want to try both methods and see which one provides the experience and insights you’re seeking.

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