Why have an Akashic record reading with Amy?

The reading will help you to peel back the limiting beliefs you have about yourself so you can know yourself with a soul-level awareness. When you are at your soul’s core, you are your most powerful.
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Amy Akashic Records Reader

Amy is currently on sabbatical and therefore not taking bookings just now!

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Amy Rose

A Dedicated Spiritual Worker

I am a dedicated spiritual worker, intuitive light warrior with starseed origins of the Andromeda Galaxy. I train and practice in spiritual development as well as multi-dimensional healing, inspiring others in their own evolutionary journeys. I excel in energy work and healing. It is an honour to be granted access to the sacred Akashic records in which I can connect to the record keepers and guides. 

The Akashic records can offer clarity and understanding into how experiences can be connected to past life history, as well as help you discover more about who you truly are on a soul level. I often bring to readings powerful healings from energetic blockages and past life trauma, plus skills and knowledge I have gained such as meditation practices to help clients on their journey. 

I often channel other light beings from across the galaxy and beyond who want to deliver specific messages to a client. It is a joy to assist clients though readings in taking steps forward towards fulfilling their divine destiny.


If you have a few question before booking a reading, drop us your email below and we will be in touch


“Wow I had my 1st ever Akashic records reading today with Amy. I was blown away with how much information Amy channelled for me. I now know my souls purpose and understand what I need to do now as many lifetimes I have struggled with the same issues. I can highly recommend this amazing lady”

5/5. Xxxx

“I have recently had an Akashic records reading with Amy Rose which I found a most profoundly professional experience. From the beginning, Amy was very friendly and explained how she was going to handle the session clearly and concisely. This removed any anxiety I had about what was about to transpire, given that this was my first experience of an Akashic records reading.

If and when I had any questions, Amy immediately relayed them back to the entity speaking through her and they were answered clearly and in detail. Amy showed great skill and dexterity in accommodating the different entities who wished to come through and speak to me, and always with the utmost diplomacy. I would recommend Amy to anyone who wished to have an Akashic records reading. For me it was the most enlightening, fascinating and enjoyable experience. Thank you.”



“I had my very first Akashic Records reading session with Amy Rose on 15th Oct and I can say for sure that it was a life changing experience. My spirit guides had been waiting for so long to communicate with me and Amy was a fantastic medium, framing questions beautifully. The readings from my past lives / incarnations made so much sense. They helped answer questions I had about my present incarnation. I came out of this session with more awareness and clarity about who I actually am, what my soul desires truly. The energy of the space during the reading was spell binding. Amy, thank you for the reading. Thank you for reflecting my happiness and excitement while connecting with my spirit guides and my guardian angel,”

Raguel 🙏✨✨💜💫🤗

“I would just like to say a very big Thank You Amy Rose for an extremely powerful reading. In the clearing work we did what I found so amazing was that all the Angels and Archangels that were present are those that I always feel close to and my most loved animal is a unicorn. So many things resonated with me and I am most grateful for today! You are one very powerful and connected lady. Blessings for your life ahead.” 🙏🏻🙏🏻☄️☄️

“My experience with Amy Rose was both incredibly enlightening and healing. Our conversation had come at just the right time, allowing me to release a lot of pent up energy, worry and confusion. I now feel clearer moving forward, a blessing I didn’t know I was needing. It was an absolute pleasure connecting with Amy Rose and I hope to do so again, some time in the future”.

“I had a lovely and very informative Akashic Record reading with the highly talented Amy Rose.
She comes highly recommended”.

“Thank you so much for this reading, it was my first Akashic reading and I loved it!
I loved your professionalism and I am no longer confused about my purpose here on earth. I have always felt different and immensely powerful and you just confirmed everything with this reading. I feel more sure about my future and can’t wait to use my healing gifts with more confidence”.


“I found Amy-Rose to hold a beautiful space of integrity, warmth and kindness. I felt comfortable to be vulnerable and open with her. Amy is very professional and confident in her abilities. I could relate to so much of what came through and am very thankful to have had a session with Amy”.


“My Akashic Records reading by Amy Rose on 16/10/2021 was awesome and amazing. Amy and the Light Beings/Record Keepers confirmed some of the information that I have, kind of, known and in some instances suspected. I also received some confirmation of insights learned during an Astrological Natal Chart Reading and an Astrological Soul Chart reading.
The most important questions I prepared prior to the reading were answered without me actually having to ask them. I am particularly grateful for the guidance received regarding the way forward, as well as for the light that was shed on my long anticipated second career.
I am also very grateful for the healing session of past trauma and the cutting of cords, etcetera, ceremony, that was so kindly offered and contacted.
I am also very appreciative of the recording Amy kindly made and forwarded to me.
Thank you Amy and also many thanks to the Great Light Beings, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Lord Melchizedek and the Dragons.

Love and blessings”!

Maria xx

“When Amy offered me an Akashic records reading, I was elated. The Akashic records have always been a struggle for me to reach.
The reading was delivered with such love and it was amazing to hear Amy channel the words of my keepers.
The healing that was brought to me was very much needed at that moment in time too. It related to a situation going on now, but stemmed back so much further than the here and now. A fear of rejection had recently got me feeling paranoid again. I hadn’t felt that for a few years, but here it was creeping in again. It was fantastic to see and understand how it had stemmed from a previous life and I now feel free of the paranoia again 🙂
The reassurance that I am now definitely on the right path was a relief to hear also.
Thank you so much Amy, you have an amazing gift and I wish you well continuing this journey and sharing your gift with others” xxx

Thank you Amy for my reading very professional and made me feel at ease very good reading and also learnt a lot about my self she did mediation to clear things thank you Amy. X

Good evening, I have just this evening experienced something totally away from the norm. I had my first Akashic reading. I had no idea what i was going to learn. Amy Rose was amazing and I was introduced to a safe place which was described as my mums living room. My sprit guide made a personal appearance and spirit stayed with Amy too until the very end. I wish Amy all the best and I would love to hear more inspirational stories in Amy’s future of Akashic readings xx God bless and love and light xxx

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